Dancing Dragon Tattoo Studio has been tattooing our soldiers in the area since 1983.

State licensed and health department approved, we are also authorized to tattoo military personnel.  In early November of 1999, James Phillips and Chris Pavelchik attended a board meeting consisting of miltary and civilian personnel, regarding lifting of the off-limits status at Fort Campbell, Kentucky for military personnel to be tattooed.  


At the meeting James was asked numerous questions by the board members concerning septic technique, standards, ethics, how we run our shop, etc.  We had the Oak Grove Chief of Police, and the President of the Oak Grove Chamber of Commerce there on our behalf.  


Because of our efforts, and approval of the board, the off limits status, that stood for over 50 years, was officially lifted on June 16th, 2000.


Click here to see the letter to Dancing Dragon Tattoo giving the clearance to tattoo military  personnel.    


Click here to read the information paper on the Department of the Army's Tattoo Policy.


For updated off limits report of local businesses in the Ft. Campbell area.  


The Dancing Dragon has always been supportive by helping the military, the local police and firefighters, and our community during fundraising events, tournaments, etc.    





FALLEN FROGS OIF VETS OUTWARD BOUND WOUNDED WARRIORS www.campbell.army.mil/PortalDocs/Portal_Wide/_OffLimitEstblishments.pdf FALLEN NIGHTSTALKERS