Select your Tattooist Carefully..  

Dancing Dragon Tattoo Studio has been in business here in Oak Grove, Kentucky, for 30 years now...  We opened our doors in February, 1986, and have been going strong ever since.  We've seen a lot of shops come and go, people opening up shops with no formal training, then "Apprenticing" people under them, thus creating a "Regional gene pool" of tattoo mediocrity, where

'wannabees" and "posers" abound...  Actually, in the tattooing realm, this has become a national epidemic,


Select your tattooist carefully folks, amateur hour in this business is unacceptable..


Great reviews, standing behind our work, treating our customers right, and dedication to this art form is why we've been successful all these years...  These core values are what we are about....


Hanging out in Art Galleries, or having a pool table in your shop doesn't make you a good tattooist.


Again folks, select your tattooist carefully, because not all shops are equal.  A few are great, alot are mediocre, and a whole lot just plain suck..


Dancing Dragon Tattoo