frequently asked questions

How risky is getting tattooed?


Tattooing is perfectly safe when done by a knowledgeable, trained, and professional tattooist. There are a few things you can check to insure that this is the case.


 Look for the following...  new needles, disposable gloves, barrier films, hard surface disinfectant, handwashing areas with antibacterial soap, and general cleanliness of the studio...  Remember, it's your tattoo, your health, your life, and therefore YOUR responsibility..  Getting tattooed by someone who does not practice safe tattooing methods can get you sick..  Hepatitis, TB, Staph and fungal infections.. the list goes on and on... all are possible risks associated with improper sterilization and cross contamination prevention....


Ask to see an autoclave. An autoclave is an instrument that sterilizes instruments by exposing them to steam and pressure for a period of time (generally 250 deg, 15 psi, and 20 minutes at constant temperature and pressue). Instruments should be individually packaged with a new, sterilized set-up being used for every customer.


What can I expect to pay?


Tattoo pricing has much to do with the type of work your getting. Generally, small tattoos are priced up front, based on the amount of work the design will take to complete. Large-scale custom work is usually priced by the hour, and this is negotiated with your artist . This is often a much better way to go, because you get much more for your money this way.  


Prescription Medications and Getting Tattooed


First, we recommend speaking to your doctor before getting tattooed if you are taking any medications. Use some common sense here, if you are on blood pressure meds, or are at risk for such things associated with heart  problems, talk to your doctor.  From our experience, it is also not a good idea to get tattooed while taking oral antibiotics, due to the anti-biotics working overtime trying to expel any foreign bodies that are introduced.


How much does it hurt?


The answer is different for everyone, but it's never as bad as people expect... not with a good tattooist. The sensation is similar to a cat scratch, and the tattoo feels kind of bruised and burns for a few days afterward. It generally hurts most in the first 15-20 minutes, then you get used to it. Honestly, the more you relax, the easier it is. It's just a tattoo.


Can I bring my own design?


We can work from any reference you bring us, or that we have on hand at the shop. The internet, library, greeting cards, t-shirts, fabric and wallpaper patterns are all good places to look. Or give us a sketch (no matter how sketchy), talk to us about size, area, style, budget, and turn us loose.  Good artists put alot of effort into developing their styles and we all prefer to "do our own thing". The most important thing is that you get what you want. You're gonna have to wear it.


How about conventions?


Check the "News" Page



Where are you located?


Dancing Dragon Tattoo Studio

15234 Ft. Campbell Blvd

Oak Grove, KY. 42262  ...........just outside of Ft. Campbell, across from Gate 6.